Type of reference




Sziget-Com ZRt.

  • Installation of electrical system of telecommunication sites

Heavy current installations


  • The House of Traditions
  • Kőbánya Thermal Power Plant
  • Jászfényszaru Samsung
  • Duna-Pest Rezidenciák residential complex
  • SOTE –theoretical studies’ building complex
  • Ferihegy I.
  • Honvéd Hospital
  • Aréna Pláza shopping mall
  • Millennium City Center Office Block
  • The electrical installation of 533 offices at Mammut shopping mall + the installation of a lightning protection system

Gordiusz ZRt.

  • Roosevelt Office Block
  • Danubio residential complex
  • ALLEE shopping mall
  • Pannon business headquarters (Törökbálint)
  • Nokia assembly hall (Komárom)

Győrviv Kft.

  • Veszprém: dormitory for 800 students

Szenerg Kft.

  • The electrical installation of the Andrássy Palace Office Block

Vegyépszer ZRt.

  • Pillangó residential complex

21-es Villanyszerelő Kft.

  • MKB bank branch (Campona)
  • MKB bank branch (District XXI.; II. Rákóczi F. út)

Welding Kft.

  • Martfű – vegetable oil factory

Vilati Szerelő Kft.

  • Corvin Promenade
  • Viktória Industrial Park

Heavy current installations using industrial alpinism

Gordiusz ZRt.

  • The installation of the lightning protection system of Auchan (Miskolc)
  • The installation of the lightning protection system of Modell fashion school (Budapest)

Electrical safety technology

Sziget-Com ZRt.

  • Electrical safety review of radiotechnical stations ( measurements related to ESP - electric shock protection, LP - lightning protection, and fire safety of heavy current installations)


  • Comprehensive electrical safety review of the Gyakorló Street High School in District XIV.

Electrical installation performed on the basis of planning documentation created by the Special Agency for Cultural Heritage Protection

21-es Villanyszerelő Kft.

  • The drying works of the wall structures of the Matthias Church in the castle district of Buda