Villamos rendszerek

Installation of electrical systems

Our company performs the heavy- and light current electrical installation of facilities. Construction projects are carried out by our own team of electricians and other subcontractors. Our employees attend frequent trainings. Our projects are supervised by a production manager and team supervisors. Our company is equipped with the appropriate tools to perform our activities professionally.


Installation of lightning protection systems

In the course of our business activity, our company has installed several lightning protection systems in accordance with lightning protection standards. We have implemented the external and internal lightning protection of industrial complexes, shopping malls, schools, and hotels.


Industrial alpinism

By the application of rope techniques, we perform specialized electrical works at facilities where scaffolding cannot be used or would be too costly. These projects are carried out by professionals with qualifications in industrial alpinism. Our assignments are performed using constantly evaluated equipment purchased from certified suppliers.


Diamond technology

Our scope of activities includes tasks connected to drilling and cutting concrete and reinforced concrete, which is performed at particular sections of reinforced concrete structures, where structural gaps planned by architects have been omitted. Architects and structural engineers are involved in all our projects.

Villamos biztonságtechnika

Electrical safety technology

Our company is also involved in the field of electrical safety technology. We perform measurements of the electric shock and lightning protection systems, as well as of heavy current equipment of radiotechnical stations and facilities. Calibrated instruments are used for these measurements.

Megvilágítás mérés

Lighting measurement

We perform lighting measurements in accordance with the relevant standard in connection with the transfer protocol of new or reconstructed lighting installations, as well as during the verification of the conformity of workplace light conditions and lighting, and the periodical review of existing lighting installations.