About us

Our company was incorporated as Euro Goldvill Bt. on July 1, 2003, and has been conducting its operations as a limited liability company since July 3, 2007.

Ever since the foundation of our company, our operations have been characterized by a business policy aimed at maximum safety, which has resulted in a steady increase of our turnover. Over the years, we have taken part in the implementation of heavy- and light current electricity installations and the installation and review of lightning protection systems within the framework of various large-scale projects. We performed the electrical installation of several radiotechnical base stations nationwide. Our suppliers and subcontractors have been commissioned according to our clients’ demands. Our personnel are selected in accordance with our range of activities.

It is our mission to ensure the permanent availability of resources, be it human resources, material or financial assets that are required for the balanced performance of our business processes. In order to achieve this business objective, scheduled trainings are held for our personnel and quality awareness in performance is encouraged. Our resources and infrastructural background are constantly developed. Measurements are performed with up-to-date professional skills and full responsibility, using calibrated instruments that guarantee perfect measurement data.

Eurogoldvill ISO minősítés

Our company implemented a quality control system in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001-2001 standard in 2006, and we converted to the MSZ EN ISO 9001-2009 quality control system in 2009.

Our business policy desires to frame our short- and long-term business objectives that have been defined in order to ensure the constant development of the quality of our business services.